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When keeping on top of your workload becomes a constant struggle and your to-do list seems endless, instead of struggling day after day trying to do a million and one things, outsourcing tasks to a remote Virtual Assistant has become more and more popular. Many of us don’t have the funds or capacity to hire an in-house employee, so hiring a remote freelancer to take on those extra jobs with flexible hours is a great alternative.

So how can a Virtual Assistant help your business? Here is a list of 7 reasons outsourcing can have a positive effect on your business and work life.

1. More time

Outsourcing those time-consuming and repetitive tasks gives you more time to focus on other aspects of your work/business and personal life. Instead of for instance typing up notes that you hate to do, you could spend that time focusing on your clients or complete a task you actually enjoy, when you outsource to a VA. You get to choose how you spend that extra time in the day, now wouldn’t that be nice?

2. Grow your business

Growing your business can be put on the backburner when you have so much to do. Outsourcing to a VA gives you the time to focus on your business goals, growing your business and building your clientele or even venturing into new business opportunities, instead of working on your administration and time-consuming tasks.

3. Reduced Workload

When running a business some tasks can take priority and your to-do list can keep growing longer, however outsourcing parts of your workload to a VA can help you maintain a large workload, keep you organised and multiple tasks can be completed at the same time. You can’t do everything. You aren’t Superman. So having an extra pair of hands can really make the difference.

4. Less costs

With employees comes extra costs of office expansion, more equipment, employee benefits, taxes etc, but by outsourcing to a VA they already have a fully equipped office and their own equipment. Being a freelancer also means they handle their own taxes and pension, so you can save your pennies for a rainy day or put towards something else a lot more benefical to your business.

5. Extra knowledge and experience

VAs have had years of previous experience and knowledge in their industry prior to supporting you, so outsourcing your tasks to a professional means they may know a thing or two that you may not, or have a quicker and more efficient way of completing a task. They can suggest certain platforms/applications or ways of doing something that you may not have heard of to help you be more productive.

6. Improves customer service

You may not have the time to look at and respond to every question, email or call that your clients demand of you, having a VA means you have more time to give to your clients or you could even outsource your emails and quries, so your VA can respond to your clients as soon as it comes through.

7. Enjoy work

Knowing that you are still on schedule and the rest is being taken care of can have tremendous psychology effects on yourself and business. Instead of leaving work knowing you have unfinished tasks to do tomorrow, bringing work home, late nights and weekend working, and worrying about what you have left to do, is a thing of the past. VAs can reduce your stress and worry, so you can wake up ready to take on the day and tackle your manageable workload and you may even find that you start to enjoy going to work again.

Now you know some of the reasons outsourcing can have a positive effect on your business, why not try outsourcing some of your workload or a project to a VA yourself, and see the many reasons a VA could help you!

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