Hi I'm Daniella, here's a little about me...

I was born and currently live with my husband and dog in East Sussex near Brighton UK. I love a good laugh and am a super positive person. I find that time goes quicker when you’re having fun! 

I know the struggles and stresses of running your own business, there are only so many spinning plates you can handle at a time before they fall, which is kind of like running a business. You cant do everything and be everywhere in your business, so when you feel its time to outsource some of your work, I am here to support you when you need it. I am not your average Virtual Assistant, I don’t just do administration but graphic design too! I’ve got you covered girl!

tiger colouring and pen,

3 Things I Love


Reading is my passion, I always have my kindle in my hands. I can’t sleep without reading a good book before. All the books you would find on my kindle are mostly fantasy and I have a bit of an obsession with vampire series. I love how they transport me to new worlds. Oh, and I love a good crime book too.

My Fur Baby

This little monkey is my best friend and co-worker. Her name is Bo and she is a Cavachon. You might hear her from time to time when I’m on the phone. 


I am through and through a gamer. It’s my secret love. I love computer games but I could definitely nerd out on Playstation games. I love the roleplaying and strategy games, but my favourite game would have to be … you might have guessed it… fantasy games. No surprise there!! But Bo gets jealous when I play my games, so I don’t get long before switching it off and playing fetch with the dog. 

Working Background & Qualifications

I have a passion for graphic design and organisation, with over 7 years in the secretarial industry, you can be sure I will have your business’ best interests in mind. I also care a lot about the work I produce and tend to get invested in my clients and their results, not just because it looks good on my business, but because I get excited when my clients achieve their goals. I like to build good relationships with my client’s and I love supporting them along their business journey, as we all know how hard running your own business can be, and taking some of the pressure of their plates.

My past work has been mainly as a Personal Assistant in Schools and large companies, to secretarial experience within numerous law firms. I undertook a Personal Assistant and Legal Secretarial Diploma at the Pittman Training Centre to kickstart my career. Over the years, I have gained qualifications in:

  • Foundation in Graphic Design 
  • High A-Level English Literature
  • High A-Level English Language
  • High A-Level Sociology
  • Legal Secretarial and Personal Assistant Diploma
  • Customer Service Training
  • Effective Business Communication – Includes letter writing
  • Touch Typing at 65 wpm (words per minute)
  • Audio Transcription
  • Advanced Microsoft Office (Word)
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel Microsoft
  • PowerPoint Outlook
  • Access

I also love to help others as much as I can so if you want to pick my brain, would like some advice or my opinion on something, I’m more than happy to have a chat for free (of course!) without any obligations – as I know it can get lonely being self-employed at times.